Un servidor HTTP ¿estático? hecho en Rust


Why does parse() require an except() or unwrap() method?

Spoiler, es para controlar la interpretación de cadenas que no sean números. Pero como siempre ocurre en la comunidad Rust, lo explican muy bien y muy detallado. Ideal para aprender.

Why does parse() require an except() or unwrap() method? from rust

Esto me interesa, ¿plugins con Rust sin recompilar?

How would you go about creating an app architecture that supports plugins? I’m thinking about Java where you can just drop .jar files and have them being loaded into your app without the need to recompile the main app.


Estado del arte de la programación con librerías gráficas en Rust

A Guide to Rust Graphics Libraries as of 2019 from rust

Useful Rust macros

Rust macros are a great feature that can reduce code boilerplate and be a time saver for programmers. They also offer flexibility for developers to use metaprogramming to add new features to the language and package them in a way that is easy to integrate into code.

6 useful Rust macros that you might not have seen before from rust

What Not to Do in Rust

Muy interesante para conocer muchas de las propiedades de Rust. También merece la pena leer los comentarios.

What Not to Do in Rust from rust

A basic web application with Rust and Actix-web

The actix framework handles requests asynchronously, but in this case the handlers themselves are not implemented asynchronously, for example using futures. I decided to keep it simple at first.

A Basic Web Application with Rust and Actix-web from rust