Cómo preparar nuestros módulos para Drupal 9

La actualización de Drupal 8 a Drupal 9 debería ser fácil e inmediata si regularmente se comprueba y elimina el código en desuso (deprecated).


Drupal 8 successes and failures by Jeff Geerling

Y no es una opinión de cualquiera: Thoughts about Drupal 8, Drupal 7, Backdrop, the Drupal Community, DrupalCon’s meteoric price increases, DrupalCamps, and the future of the framework/CMS/enterprise experience engine that is Drupal have been bubbling up in the back of my mind for, well, years now. https://www.jeffgeerling.com/blog/2019/drupal-8-successes-and-failures

#Reservoir, una distribución pensada para «desacoplar» #Drupal [ENG]

Decoupling Drupal can be arduous, whether you’re developing a Drupal-backed front end or configuring Drupal to be an ideal content repository for decoupled applications.

In Drupal terms, Reservoir is a minimalist distribution for decoupling Drupal. In more general terms, Reservoir is a flexible and simple tool to build content repositories for any application to consume: it focuses on modeling content, managing content, and interacting with that content via HTTP APIs.


Nuevas herramientas para desarrolladores de Drupal 8

[ENG] A Quick Guide:

How to implement «Animate Any» module in Drupal 8

[ENG] To animate an element we can use “Animate Any” module which is applicable on Drupal 8 site.


Corregidas vulnerabilidades en #Drupal8 …

Corregidas vulnerabilidades en #Drupal8 › http://unaaldia.hispasec.com/2017/03/corregidas-vulnerabilidades-en-drupal.HTML

#Drupal 8 Day is …

#Drupal 8 Day is a 100% free, online Drupal Camp > http://www.drupal8day.com