A basic web application with Rust and Actix-web

The actix framework handles requests asynchronously, but in this case the handlers themselves are not implemented asynchronously, for example using futures. I decided to keep it simple at first.

A Basic Web Application with Rust and Actix-web from rust

Explained: How does async work in Rust?

Asynchronous programming is a concept which allows not blocking the program workflow when waiting for the results of certain actions. So you can open a large file or query a database, but your program will continue processing each line afterwards.

Explained: How does async work in Rust? from rust

Is it possible to use Diesel schema macros with Rust 2018?

Diesel seems to be the only real database abstraction layer that is in a real state of completion. The problem is, though, following their guide (even when using new package import style) just results in missing macro errors for the generated schema file. After adding the «public» macro use statements, I just get more missing errors for «private» macros.

Is there any practical way of using Diesel with (stable) Rust 2018, or do I just have to wait for their next major release to be able to use Diesel?

Is it possible to use Diesel schema macros with Rust 2018? from rust

rustdoc tools or process tips?

The thing I’m struggling with is adding the source code to my docs in an efficient manner and without messing up the weird mix of code comments (/// or //!) + Markdown formatting.

Anyway, I’m wondering, how are people doing this currently?

rustdoc tools or process tips? from rust

Zola 0.6.0 released

Zola is a fast static site generator in a single binary with everything built-in.

The version 0.6.0 was released on march 25th.

Zola 0.6.0 released from rust