Rusoto is an AWS …

Rusoto is an AWS SDK for Rust.

Rusoto consists of one core crate, containing common functionality shared across services, and then a crate for each supported service.


What are the performance impacts of ‘functional’ Rust?

The important thing to note is that the algorithm matters. How that algorithm is expressed (procedural, imperative, object-oriented, functional, declarative) generally doesn’t matter.


CodeChain-io/codechain: Programmable multi-asset chain

Más repositorios tengo! CodeChain es una tecnología de blockchain de código abierto, óptima para desarrollar y personalizar sistemas de gestión de activos.


Rust Actix Web + Magic link authentication

Magic links” are a different approach. Instead of a single, long-lived password, the web app generates a new, unique secret code every time you want to login. The web app then sends you an email or an SMS with a link to login. This link contains this unique secret code: your short-lived shared secret.