Rust vectors can contain …

Rust vectors can contain any number of elements (depending on memory) of the same type. Vectors are heap-allocated in Rust.


Rust Patterns: Enums instead of Booleans

The code intention is much more readable, more self documenting, and easier to grok.


Why does parse() require an except() or unwrap() method?

Spoiler, es para controlar la interpretación de cadenas que no sean números. Pero como siempre ocurre en la comunidad Rust, lo explican muy bien y muy detallado. Ideal para aprender.


Esto me interesa, ¿plugins con Rust sin recompilar?

How would you go about creating an app architecture that supports plugins? I’m thinking about Java where you can just drop .jar files and have them being loaded into your app without the need to recompile the main app.