Auth Web Microservice with rust using Actix-Web 1.0

Tutorial imprescindible no sólo para aprender a programar microservicios con #Rustlang.


Actix-web 1.0 liberada

Uno de los entornos de desarrollo de servidores web más conocidos para Rust, Actix-web, acaba de liberar su versión 1.0.

Actix-web 1.0 released from rust

Una recopilación de características, …

Una recopilación de características, ventajas y desventajas de tres de los más conocidos frameworks para la web con Rust: Rocket, Actix-web y Tower Web:


Rust Actix Web + Magic link authentication

Magic links” are a different approach. Instead of a single, long-lived password, the web app generates a new, unique secret code every time you want to login. The web app then sends you an email or an SMS with a link to login. This link contains this unique secret code: your short-lived shared secret.


A basic web application with Rust and Actix-web

The actix framework handles requests asynchronously, but in this case the handlers themselves are not implemented asynchronously, for example using futures. I decided to keep it simple at first.

A Basic Web Application with Rust and Actix-web from rust

An introduction to Web Development with Rust for Node.js Developers

On the Rust side of things, just TCP is implemented in the Rust Core. The current web frameworks (actix and rocket) are implementing everything up until HTTP though. So you don’t need to care where this is coming from.

If you want to use pure HTTP calls without any larger framework, you can install “crates” (equivalent to npm packages in the Node world) which implement the HTTP protocol (like hyper and tiny_http).


Actix web, un servidor web rápido para Rust

Actix web soporta HTTP/1.x y HTTP/2, streaming y pipelining, enrutamiento, compatibilidad con Tokio.rs, soporte a WebSockets, compresión/descompresión transparente de contenidos (br, gzip, deflate, zstd), servir ficheros estáticos, etc…

GitHub...: https://github.com/actix/actix-web
crates.io: https://crates.io/crates/actix-web
docs.rs..: https://docs.rs/actix-web/latest/actix_web