¿Una guía de estilo para programar en Rust?


Getting started with #rustlang, working with files and doing file I/O

And also introduces Rust’s ownership concept and the Cargo tool.


Auth Web Microservice with rust using Actix-Web 1.0

Tutorial imprescindible no sólo para aprender a programar microservicios con #Rustlang.


Ejemplo de cómo usar actix-web 1.0 con async/await

Vía @3Hren.


Actix-web 1.0 liberada

Uno de los entornos de desarrollo de servidores web más conocidos para Rust, Actix-web, acaba de liberar su versión 1.0.

Actix-web 1.0 released from rust

Practical Rust Web Development – Authentication


Rebuffing the Attack of the Clones

How the author teach new users not to clone.


Rust para optimizar una plataforma con 11 millones de usuarios concurrentes

Interesante caso de uso: «We needed a data structure capable of holding hundreds of thousands of entries, sorted in a particular way that can accept and process tons of mutations, and can report back indices of where things are being added and removed


Announcing diesel-factories 0.1.0

Inserting data into your database in unit/integration tests.