Rust parallelism for non-C/C++ developers

First, we need to understand why parallelism is hard, and the reason is that the hardware, the OS, and the compilers are too complex. Since 1970 processor cores do not work with the memory directly and instead use a complex hierarchy of caches and write buffers.


Explained: How does async work in Rust?

Asynchronous programming is a concept which allows not blocking the program workflow when waiting for the results of certain actions. So you can open a large file or query a database, but your program will continue processing each line afterwards.

Explained: How does async work in Rust? from rust

Using WebAssembly to speed up a Web App by 20X (Case Study)

WebAssembly is a new language that runs in the browser alongside JavaScript. Yes, that’s right. JavaScript is no longer the only language that runs in the browser!

But beyond just being “not JavaScript”, its distinguishing factor is that you can compile code from languages such as C/C++/Rust (and more!) to WebAssembly and run them in the browser.